Preventing and Getting Rid of Bed Bugs: Photos, Bites and Treatment


What are Bed Bugs?

Bed bug

Bed bug (4 mm length; 2.5 mm width)Bed bug

The bed bugs became a huge problem already long ago. The question “how to get rid of bed bugs fast in a mattress, furniture, cracks” arises often. Some people continue to consider that these unpleasant insects appear in houses where residents don’t observe the rule of hygiene. But actually unsanitary conditions become the reason of arrival of bugs not always. For example, bed bugs come to the house from the street, get on clothes, insects “come” to apartments together with things, furniture, household appliances. Dangerous beings can get into the house from neighbors; get to the apartment on hair of a domestic dog. Ways huge set. To win against army of bed bugs very difficult then.

Blood-sucking insects can unexpectedly appear. They cause disgust, carry infections, leave awful stings. The bugs can infect the person with different diseases. These insects deprive of a dream, rest, and good mood very quickly. To deal with such creatures is not easy. To remember all the key recommendations follow the advice and take preventive measures is very important. Learn right now how to get rid of bed bugs forever is to use all methods as efficiently as possible. Then you will be able to forget about these insects soon.

How to find bed bugs: all secrets of finding insects

Fight against bed bugs begins with searches. It is important to learn to find correctly little insects qualitatively to process the room, strictly to control its state, to find bugs quickly. Then you will always know, whether there are bed bugs in your house. Remember: insects conduct a nocturnal, perfectly hide, and can disappear in hard-to-reach spots. You think how to get rid of bed bugs yourself? Learn to look for them!

Here basic principles, important councils. They will help you to find bugs instantly, unmistakably.

  • Sign of emergence of bed bugs – suspicious traces on a sheet, a blanket cover. Examine your bed at once. People act carefully, carefully, attentively look through fabric to find insects. To examine sheets, blanket covers, blankets and pillows it is necessary on light. Perfectly, if light is visible through fabric. Process long, but it isn’t necessary to feel sorry for time. Saw on fabric tiny spots of blood, dark points? Probably, you had bugs in a bed.
  • Perform careful inspection of all mattresses. Lift mattresses, look at a bed. Live bugs, armors of insects, dead beings can be under mattresses. It is necessary to examine covers, cuts on mattresses. Pay attention to seams, folds surely.

    Bed bug in a mattress

    Look inside seams and rips in

  • The bed bugs like to hide in a bed frame, under a bed, on inside of a bed and in a back. It is important to examine a place of a joint of a bed mattress and a back.
  • You think how to get rid of bed bugs at home? Examine everything! The upholstery, filler of upholstered furniture, pillows need special attention. Remove all covers, check seams, and shake up fillers.
  • The bed bugs often live in floor cracks, plinths, on legs of beds and chairs, insects hide in frames of windows, door slip-ups. Internal surfaces of furniture – favorite places of bugs. The usual plastic card will help to find bugs in cracks, cracks. Take the card, push it in a crack. Try to expel bugs from cracks. The bright electric small lamp is useful to you for survey. It is possible to find insects, armors of bed bugs in hard-to-reach spots.
  • Carefully examine all soft toys, household appliances, phones and hours.
  • The bed bugs hide not only in beds. They sit at exfoliating wall-paper, in plaster cracks, at pictures and posters, in mirrors. It is necessary to check all walls and subjects which on them hang.
  • The furniture needs to be examined extremely carefully. All boxes move forward, each detail is checked from all directions. Look for bed bugs in joints, openings under screws.
  • Carefully examine external panels of sockets, switches. Be careful with conducting! It isn’t necessary to touch it.

You decided to learn, how to get rid of bed bugs at home to forget about these insects forever? Then it is necessary for you remember all habitats of insects! You learn to find bed bugs. You will manage to etch insects well: you will process special structures of a place of congestion.

How to treat the premises and to control him, to fight with bed bugs effectively

You already found bugs, favorites places found them? Now time of fight against insects came! Remember all basic principles, methods surely. You will manage to win bed bugs if you act in a complex, carefully. Pay attention: you can address to masters, in the specialized company. They will carry out disinfection; will relieve you of bugs forever.

The chemical means, insecticides

Pesticides to Control Bed Bugs

Pesticides to Control Bed Bugs

Some people use special chemical means. Insecticides fight against bed bugs effectively. There is a wide range of means with different types of action. Chemicals frighten off, kill bugs, and slow down their growth. There are effective preparations which stop population growth. Insects can’t breed therefore die out. You the question, how to get rid of bed bugs in house conditions interests? Get at once some chemical compositions to test different means at the same time. Chances of a victory over bed bugs will increase at once.

It is important to use chemicals correctly. Some means display on the apartment as baits. Other chemicals need to be sprayed. It is necessary to find out precisely where bed bugs hide. Then it is possible to get rid of insects effectively. If you pollinate everything, to display baits in all apartment, the massive attack won’t strike population of bugs in your house. It is necessary to work precisely.

Natural methods

Many people want to learn, how to get rid of bed bugs naturally. These residents of apartments, houses decided to choose natural ways. People don’t love chemicals. Certainly, bed bugs react to chemicals. But experts noted: insects develop constantly. They adapt for different means, learn to define dangerous baits. Many chemicals lose efficiency. They aren’t capable to influence on bugs.

Natural methods come to the rescue. Remember the main methods of fight against blood-sucking insects to use them.

  • The cold copes with bugs perfectly. Take out beds, upholstered furniture, things with fillers directly on a frost. The bugs, eggs will be lost from overcooling. Already minus fifteen degrees will become deadly to these insects. It is possible to take out things on a balcony, an open loggia. A good way is to open all windows in a frost, carefully to cooling the room. The majority of bugs, eggs won’t transfer such test.

    bed bug steamer

    Killing Bed Bugs with Steam

  • Heat treatment works effectively. Tortured bed bugs, you think how to get rid of them house means? Will help you not only cold, but also heat! These blood-thirsty insects don’t transfer high temperatures. It is possible to take out things, beds under sunshine in strong heat. Some people strongly heat the room. This method works perfectly. For example, residents do indoors high temperature as happens at a tension of ceilings. All bugs, the postponed eggs will be lost in it to heat! It is possible to process places of a congestion of bugs by means of steam. Fifty degrees of heat kill bugs, and hundred degrees are deadly to eggs.
  • Oil of lavender is there is an excellent means for fight against bed bugs. People spray oil round beds, all places of a congestion of insects. The bugs, larvae perish from a pungent smell.
  • You think how to get rid of bed bugs yourself? The wormwood, tiger balm, the Vietnamese Asterisk balm will help you! Take all these means with pungent smells. Lay wormwood in all cracks in a bed, for a mattress, in deepening of furniture. The strong smell frightens off bed bugs. It is possible to arm with several packs of cigarettes. Spread out cigarettes in ashtrays, plates, set fire to them. Place plates in places of a congestion of bugs. Insects will be lost. If any bed bugs start running out because of a strong smell, you will manage to kill them.
  • It is possible to spray favorite places of bugs’ alcohol, to scald them cool boiled water. Some people delete insects with vacuum cleaners.

Act in a complex, use different means, combine some methods. Then you win against army of bed bugs independently.

How to get rid of bed bugs bites

bites bedbug

Reddened bumps on the skin that are usually itchy

The bed bugs bite people regularly. When a colony of insects big, they can become the real problem. The sting of a bug causes an itch, skin reddening, and emergence of ugly tumors. Many people ask a question: how to get rid of bed bugs bites? It is important to reveal a sting, it is correct to treat it.

Small hems, reddening appear on a sting place. Usually there are a lot of stings on one small site of skin as the insect bites through skin several times in a row. If you already found stings, process them cologne, iodine at once. It is possible to wash out sting place water with soap. The tablet of menthol will reduce irritation of skin considerably. The tumor will decrease if to put to it ice from chamomile broth. When the sting strongly scratches, dissolve soda with water, grease with this structure skin.

It is possible to process places of stings special means which sell in a drugstore.

How to prevent bed bugs

Preventive measures have huge value. It is necessary to prevent emergence of bed bugs, to make everything that these insects didn’t get to your house. Remember some nuances.

You watch a condition of the apartment carefully. Examine the beds, hard-to-reach spots with a bright small lamp regularly. It is desirable to put special funds for all places through which bugs can get into the apartment. Close sockets always, don’t leave cracks, process sealant all plinths. Examine all things which you bring to the apartment. Try not to spend the night at friends. Don’t buy clothes privately. Acquire household appliances only in reliable shops. Pay attention to hygiene, you carry out clear-out every month. So the probability of hit of bugs to your house will decrease.

Now you know how to get rid of bed bugs for good dream. You learn to look for insects, to get rid of them, you will take prevention measures constantly. It is possible to get rid of bed bugs and not to allow their emergence, if everything correctly to do!