Are bed bugs contagious?

bed bugsYes, some parasitic bugs including bed bugs are contagious and carry dangerous infections. Researchers have found such diseases as hepatitis, plague, typhus and typhoid, Q fever, tularemia, yellow fever, leprosy, tuberculosis, filariasis, syphilis, leishmaniasis, HIV and others.

Despite the fact that bed bugs are often carriers of many diseases, there were no registered cases of human infection through the bite of these bugs. Human infection by bedbugs occurs mainly in two ways:

  1. After contact with excrements of insects. Some pathogens, such as hepatitis B virus can live in feces for several days of bed bugs and get into a person’s blood through an open wound that can appear on the body including the wounds you get because of scratching the bite of a bug;
  2. After inhalation of dust, which contain particles of excrement of bed bugs.

The probability of infection is higher if:

  1. Dry cleaning of the room is not regular;
  2. More bugs inhabit indoor and hence bite humans;
  3. More people visit the same room (eg, cheap hotels and homeless shelters).

Other bugs-parasites unlike bed bugs infect humans through a bite. Having another name – kissing bugs and living in Latin America, these parasites carry pathogens of deadly Chagas disease that causes more deaths among local people. During feeding kissing bugs inject saliva into the skin of a victim containing trypanosomes – pathogens.

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