Are bed bugs disease vectors?

A Brief Introduction:

Bed bugs however are not considered as a medical hazard but they are said to cause allergic reactions and also may lead to the loss of sleep. They are not considered as dangerous and harmful enough. They can’t lead you to serious disease. Bed buds are likely to bite on various parts of the body which are more likely to be exposed to bed bugs during sleep. These parts of the body include the hands, neck, face, shoulders, legs and arms.

Sings and Symptoms of the Bed Bug infestation:

The signs and the symptoms of the bed bug infestation include:

  • the bed bugs’ exoskeletons after molting.
  • bed bugs in the fold of mattresses and bed sheets.
  • red or pink colored blood spots on the skin.
  • a sweet musty odor.

Bedbugs and Disease:

According to the researchers and health specialists, bed bugs are known to carry diseases but they are surely not meant to get transmitted to the human bodies. Some experts claim that bed buds may cause several diseases including leprosy, Q-fever, oriental sores and brucellosis. But these all proved to be fake rumors and nothing else. The cases proved to be poorly documented and didn’t come up with any solid evidence or proof.

The risk or harm which the bed bud bites may cause are the irritation, itching of the skin which may lead to the psychological issues like stress and lack of sleep. The extreme reactions of the bed buds can be the appearance of the large wheels on the skin. These wheels slowly and gradually keep on decreasing in size and becoming small red marks with the passage of time.

Bed buds however can also lead to the inflammation and burning of the skin. Swelling can also appear as the result of a bed bug bite. Moreover, there are such other insects or non bed bugs sources which also lead to the skin reactions or irritations.

It is recommended to concern any good physician if you are experiencing a bed bug bite. Also concern pest control professionals and experts to eradicate the bed bugs from your house or any particular area like office, etc.

Be sure that you should identify the bed bugs accurately and properly before beginning treatment of an infestation. Incorrect control methods can prove themselves ineffective and may cause harm or serious issue for you.

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