Bed bugs heat treatment

bed bugs heat treatment

bed bugs heat treatment

Remove all bedding and linens from all mattresses and wash in hot water. Also, remove all items from underneath the bed. Mattresses and box springs need to be placed upright and against the wall.
Mattresses and box spring should be discarded if heavily infested. If mattresses are being treated, they should be covered afterward with zip-up bedbug mattress covers which can be purchased directly from us. Check with us for pricing.
Sofas, chairs (if slept on) must be stripped.
Empty all drawers and closets. Clean cloths only require 15 minutes at high temperature to kill all stages of bedbugs. Items must be placed in clean, sealed plastic bags when completed. (Please throw old bags away and use clean new bags to put cleaned laundry in when bringing home) Also, please wait until 10 days after the second treatment prior to returning items to the closets and dressers as these areas may need an additional treatment at that time.
All bagged items must be placed in the kitchen or dining room so that it does not impede the treatment process by being an obstruction.
Remove all furniture away from the walls which gives us access to treat all areas.
Remove all hanging pictures from wall. Vacuum the back of each picture and place them in one area of your home for treatment.
Remove all CD’s and books from book cases and examine closely for bedbugs. These items may be wiped down with a damp cloth and placed in a plastic bag.
Vacuum entire house prior to service and take vacuum cleaner outside to empty and throw away bag.
Do not use your own over-the-counter material such as Raid, etc. over our material.
Please remember that all occupants must remain out of the treated area for approximately (4) hours after the treatment is completed, or until all treated surfaces are dry. If you have asthma or any other breathing problems you may want to leave for 24 hours. Do not walk on floors barefoot or lie on your bare mattress until material is dry. After all material has dried you may put clean sheets on your mattress.

Bedbugs can be introduced into structures through many different avenues such as used mattresses, furniture, luggage and travel bags from a recent trip. They can be brought in by you on your clothing from a home that you were unaware had a bedbug infestation, etc. Bedbugs are nocturnal and primarily come out at night to feed on people. They hide in tiny cracks in the day and are usually in close proximity to the food source. (which is you)

As a matter of convenience, Advanced Pest Management can treat each of the stored items in plastic bags using a product called, Nuvan Prostrips which utilizes controlled-released technology to kill bedbugs inside the bags of stored items rather putting cloths in a dryer.

To learn more about bed bugs and effective ways to rid your home of them, visit “Prevent Bed Bugs by Using Heat” for helpful information on how to deal with an infestation

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