Understanding and Controlling the Ways of the Bed Bugs

Adult bed bugs

Adult bed bugs are light brown to reddish-brown

The Bedbugs are usually the small wingless insects, brownish in color and these bed bugs are found in whole world not only in some countries. These (bed bugs) are thenocturnal parasite and it meansthatthese bed bugs dorest or remain disappearingatthe day time and become active at night timefor biting/feeding.

The interesting fact about theses bed bugs are that theseBed bugs can even livewithout any feeds and without anything approximatelyfor the one month. And once you findthese bed bugs in your house/homethen you have to clean your whole house/homevery carefully by filling the free spaces in your homesthat these bed bugs can’t hide.And if these bed bugs come intoourhouse/homes then these bed bugs can doreproduction and spread very quicklyand easily.

The Bed Bugs Characteristics are

• In size these bed bugs are of approximately of ½ cm(half cm) long and dark brownish in color.
• The Bed bugs have six legs.
• The Bed Bugs have large antennae.
• The bed bugs are almost brownishin color.

It is almost very difficult for anyone totake controlon these bed bugs because many insecticides can even are not effective and not showing any resultfor the removal of these bed bugs. But to takecontrol on these bed bugs.The three methodsare

• By using heat and steam.
• By using new insecticides.
• By using non-chemical methods.

By using the Heat and the steam

By using the heat/steam, we can increase the temperature of the room and due to this temperature we raise; these bed bugs can be killed easily. Just because of this heat thesebed bugs eggs can be destroy and killedjust in one hour and 30 minutes.And here the temperature of the room becomes48 centigrade temperature.Due to this heat/temperature,these bed bugs have beeneliminated.During thisprocedureof increasingthe temperature of the room, itcan also harmandmelt any other objects and materialavailable in this room. Therefore, before starting this procedure remove all of your room’s objects from there.

By using the new insecticides

We can also control on these bed bugs by using the new insecticides such as
• By usingthe new insecticides like DDT we can very easily and quickly remove/kill these bed bugsfrom our house/home and also can control these bed bugs.
• The different insecticideisused to kill these bed bugs, which arehiding inside the boxes, thecracks, the voids and the crevices etc.
• Insecticides (like residual, dust etc) are also use to kill these bed bugsthat arepresent inside the furniture and many other objects etc.

By using the non-chemical methods

• One of the simple and easiest procedure/methods is to increase the temperature of the room and after that simply get the room clean from these bed bugs because this high temperature eliminate all of the bed bugs from the room.
• Decreasing the temperature is like that the temperature below 0 Fahrenheit or -19 º centigrade temperaturescan alsoremove/killthe infestationsof the bed bugs but remember that this low temperature should remain at least for four days and not less than four days.
• These bed bugs may also be killed by using the box spring, the clothes and the mattress encasements etc and also the infestations can be also determined by mean of this use

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