How Dogs Are Doing Their Part in the War Against Bed Bugs

bed bugs sniffing dog

bed bugs sniffing dog

If you’ve recently noticed small, red clusters of bites on your body, then there’s a good chance that you have bedbugs. While it’s safe to assume there are bed bugs in your bed, they may be hiding elsewhere in your home as well. In order to completely eliminate bed bugs, you’ll need to locate all of their hideouts. Luckily, man’s best friend can tend a hand—or perhaps a paw. Here’s a quick look at K9 units and their amazing bed bug detection abilities:
• Bed bug detection
For millions of years, dogs have developed a sense of smell that is far more informative than human vision. Certain dog breeds can easily track animals over an extremely long distance just by following their trail of dead skin cells and odor molecules. Considering this incredible gift, it’s no wonder that dogs are able to detect the sweet, musty signature smell of bed bugs.
• Independent training
It’s one thing to smell bed bugs—it’s quite another to alert humans to their presence. Unfortunately, letting a dog loose in your home will not get you any closer to discovering bed bugs. That’s why all bed bug-sniffing dogs are thoroughly trained to look for bed bugs and then promptly inform their handlers. In order to ensure quality training, bed bug elimination specialists get their K9 units from a handful of reputable independent trainers all over the country.
• Frequent re-certification
Just like humans, dogs tend to get rusty when they don’t get enough practice. That’s why experienced bed bug detection specialists have their K9 units re-certified every three months. This ensures that these well-trained pups stay sharp and able to detect even the slightest sign of bed bugs.

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