How to get rid of bed bugs yourself at home

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs at Home?

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs at Home?

It is difficult to notice bed bugs at home unless these little creatures have bitten the human host. Bed bugs usually hide in head rests, seams of beddings, head boards and anywhere that human host sleeps. Likewise, they can also infiltrate bed frame hollows, under wall paper and other suitable places. These insects can be carried not only by humans but also by bats and birds.

Aside from the appearance of the red bite rashes in the body, other clues that signify the presence of bed bugs are the tiny fecal droppings, outer skeleton shells and eggs. Identifying their presence require immediate elimination process so that they will not spread throughout your place.

The first part on how to get rid of bed bugs at home is to clean the place. You should remove all the personal items such as phones, laptops, cushions, blankets, pillows and stuffed toys. Use vacuum cleaner in cleaning those items and put them in plastic bags so that you can check if there is newly hatched eggs.

Likewise, you should also empty chest of drawers, bed side tables and dressers and move them from their original places. If the infestation is beyond the capability of vacuum, then you should dispose the item so that the insects will not spread and infest other items. Aside from cleaning the furniture and upholstery, it is also important to machine wash the garments using temperature of about 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is enough to kill nymphs, adults and eggs. This process is also applicable when laundering curtains, beddings and other fabrics.

Cleaning all the specific parts inside the house can eliminate the bed bugs. However, you should ensure cleaning the carpet through vacuum regularly especially along furniture frames, skirting boards, corners, rails, wall cracks and crevices where bed bugs may hide. After cleaning the house, the next thing to do is seal the wall cracks by using acrylic filler, silicone and plaster. This will prevent future infestations as the hiding places are sealed. Thorough vacuuming and cleaning is the key on how to get rid of bed bugs at home.

The next phase of getting rid bed bugs at home is through treatments. However, you should ensure using treatments that can break the life cycle of the bed bugs either by interfering the growth or by killing them. There are chemical treatments available such as sprays and dust. These treatments should be applied several times in order to obtain success in getting rid the bed bugs. In most cases, re-treatment is also necessary to ensure complete elimination.

On the contrary, fogging is not an ideal treatment for bed bugs because it can only spread the insects making it difficult to eliminate. Some of the treatments that can be used in mattresses, cushions, sofas and upholstery include Malathion, Dichlorvos and Pyrethroid. However, there are instances in which bed bugs developed resistance against these agents. In this sense, it is necessary to use more effective option of killing them.

In addition, you can also control the infestation by using Insect Growth Regulator treatment. Likewise, you can also use mattress cases to prevent the bugs from escaping and to ensure breaking the life cycle. The beds bugs will eventually die when they are starving thus stop the spread of infestation.

To completely eradicate the infestation, the best thing to do is to employ prevention after getting rid the pests. Prevention can help the recurrence of bed bugs since these little crawlers are adaptable and resilient. That is why it is important to follow the prevention check list to eliminate the trauma and at the same time get rid the bed bugs.

  • Check the hotel mattresses and bed before lying down on it
  • Never put the luggage on the floor, rather place it on the luggage rack.
  • Be cautious when using public transport seats.
  • Check furniture from warehouses for any presence of bugs.
  • Avoid purchasing second hand furniture and upholstery.
  • Inspect the bed by using flash light.
  • Check the luggage and vacuum it before returning home from a trip.

Other methods on how to get rid bed bugs at home include freezing, steam cleaning, home treatment and applying diatomaceous earth. Bed bugs cannot live in extremely hot temperature in the same way that it cannot live in extremely low temperature. That is why if you have clothing and fabrics that cannot be washed, the best thing to do is freeze it.

Keeping the house clean, clutter-free and organized is the key on eliminating those harmful insects. Using of effective treatment to any used household furniture is a great help to prevent bed bugs from infesting your house. Getting rid of these crawlers requires continual efforts and constant employing of the above mentioned methods can ensure eradicating the insects completely.


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