How to Relieve Bedbug Bites

A Brief Introduction:

Bed bug bite appears to be an intense reaction. When bed bugs bite, you get red welts appear on your skin. This makes your skin quickly become irritated and itchy. Bed bug bites usually appear on your limbs, torso, and neck. The bites by the bed bugs are quite generic and can easily be determined. They are found in patters of three to four welts, usually in a line. The bites have a blood dot in the middle.

Steps To How to Relieve Bedbug Bites:

  1. The first basic step is to detect the bed bug bites. Bed bugs inject the salivary fluid which makes the skin become irritated and itchy. The reaction appears between time range of 5 minutes and few hours. One the bed bug bites you, you get on the splattery welts in a line and bright pinkish color. Areas of the body where the bed bugs bite most include:

Back, Shoulders, Lower back, Legs and thighs, Ankles, feet, and in between toes, Hands and in between fingers, Arms and elbows, Face and Stomach area, etc.

  1. The next step is take the shower on immediate basis. The water should be warm enough as it helps prevent the toxins and oils from the skin via the opening of pores process. Also it helps to relieve your skin irritation and itching.
  2. Use a good anti bacterial soap for showering.
  3. In order to achieve relief from the pain , you can use any kind of anesthetic cream or lotion. Calamine lotion is a good option.
  4. In order to prevent the swelling and itching on the defected area, rub the ice cubes over that particular area.
  5. Take Benadryl, Atarax, and even anti-inflammatory medicines like ibuprofen and aspirin medicines to get relief from the pain.
  6. Make use of aloe vera gel. This helps to prevent the burning effects and itching caused by the bites. Also you will be able to achieve the refreshing and cooling effect.
  7. Apply alcohol on the defected area using the cotton puffs in order to dry out the bites and achieve relief from the pain.
  8. You can use the paste made up of mixing baking soda in water. This will help calming the irritation and itching on the skin.

Hope the above mentioned tips to get relieve from the bed bites help you a lot.

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