Bed bug identification service Boston

bed bug exterminator bostonLike the majority of everything else within the bed bug Earth, nothing is 100%, plus it’s our opinion the dogs are much from one-hundred percent. Now, a great deal of people are beginning to hear about bedbugs, also it’s having a psychological effect. Before you begin thinking you have bedbugs, monitor your bed. In case that one decides to buy over-the-counter pesticides, it is vital to at all times follow instructions on product labels.

My buddies live in a lovely clean house. BedBugs are linked with your bed extermination bostonsince it is the simplest place for BedBugs to feed. You’re not likely to become sick from them. This is the reason it’s better to eradicate the entire group as an alternative to simply the handful you may find in your own home.

Bedbugs don’t such as the light. Unfortunately, there’sn’t a single approach that can continue to keep all pests at bay. Things such as the change in pest management practices. They’ve got made the pest management business an intensely lucrative one. [Read more…]

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5 Tools That Will Help You Eliminate Bed Bugs At House – TODAY!



You should possess the proper tools, in the event you would like to eliminate bed bugs. Getting the proper tools is the main method to eliminate bed bugs in the home.

You may be surprised to buy compound products or an easy task to discover that lots of instruments that will help you eliminate bed bugs are household things. It is possible to equip yourself using the tools you will want keep your bed, couch and carpeting of bed bugs by carrying out a little study.

Rather than rushing out to get gear that is high-priced to eliminate bed bugs at home, make a beeline for the cleaning storage area. The vacuum cleaner is among the primary steps in removing a bed bug infestation to take. Make use of the vacuum with the attachment although not the brush accessory because bugs or eggs may get stuck in the bristles.

Make use of the vacuum cleaner on box springs and carpeting, furniture, mattresses, drapes. This will allow you to eliminate eggs and bed bugs immediately as among the early periods in bed bug removal. Make sure when you conclude, you discard the vacuum bag. Shut up it in a bag that is sealed and junk it instantly. [Read more…]

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Bed bugs heat treatment

bed bugs heat treatment

bed bugs heat treatment

Remove all bedding and linens from all mattresses and wash in hot water. Also, remove all items from underneath the bed. Mattresses and box springs need to be placed upright and against the wall.
Mattresses and box spring should be discarded if heavily infested. If mattresses are being treated, they should be covered afterward with zip-up bedbug mattress covers which can be purchased directly from us. Check with us for pricing. [Read more…]

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Bed bug prevention

female bed bugs

Female bed bugs

Bed bugs are common pest problem we encounter in many households. They are attracted to the warmth of the human body and the carbon dioxide exhaled. The size of an adult bed bug can reach to half of the seed of an apple. They do not care whatever has entered, wealthy or not as long as they feed. They prey on blood, the large appetite of the pests are unquestionable.
They may feed for about 10 minutes, and the after that back to hiding. These bugs change its color after sucking the blood. They have brownish color before they suck blood and changes into dark red after and sometimes they turn to orange. Now, if you noticed red marks on your skin after waking up in the morning, it’s a sign that there is living parasites that feasts when you go to bed. [Read more…]

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How Dogs Are Doing Their Part in the War Against Bed Bugs

bed bugs sniffing dog

bed bugs sniffing dog

If you’ve recently noticed small, red clusters of bites on your body, then there’s a good chance that you have bedbugs. While it’s safe to assume there are bed bugs in your bed, they may be hiding elsewhere in your home as well. In order to completely eliminate bed bugs, you’ll need to locate all of their hideouts. Luckily, man’s best friend can tend a hand—or perhaps a paw. Here’s a quick look at K9 units and their amazing bed bug detection abilities:
• Bed bug detection
For millions of years, dogs have developed a sense of smell that is far more informative than human vision. Certain dog breeds can easily track animals over an extremely long distance just by following their trail of dead skin cells and odor molecules. Considering this incredible gift, it’s no wonder that dogs are able to detect the sweet, musty signature smell of bed bugs. [Read more…]

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10 Best Exterminators in New York

orkin-l      We can assess your home for free and develop a comprehensive protection plan, so you don’t have to share your home with unwanted pests.

mb-logo2MiteBuster specializes in BedBug Removal. Ourbedbug treatment kills bedbugs and their eggs for upto 90 days. Our licensed and professional exterminatorsare trained to find and treat bedbug problems utilizing the most up-to-date and effective solutions. MiteBuster is the most reliable bedbug exterminator in New York and New Jersey.


All of our employees are insured, licensed and certified in their field of expertise. In addition, we have enforced a formal Safety Program to minimize accidents, contaminations, and to avoid damage to our clients’ property.

logo (1)        NYC Bed Bug Dog & Bed Bug Exterminator has been dedicated pest control exterminating for over 40 years. We currently provides bed bug pest control services for New York area .  Our technicians follow the Integrated Pest Management methodology to provide you with the most effective bed bug pest control with our nationally know bed bug dogs. NYC Bed Bug Dog & Bed Bug Exterminator provides bed bug treatment, termite control, commercial pest control, bird control, rodent control and is a nationally recognized leader in bed bug dog inspection services and bed bug control

logo1    Pro Service Pest Control offers flexible service plans that include onetime extermination service, as well as ongoing services of weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, and annual visits. Whether your need one appointment or regular service, there is a plan for your pest control needs.

rjs-logo   With over 30 years’ experience, each member of the RJS team has extensive knowledge of bed bug extermination in NYC. If bed bugs are discovered in your commercial facility, RJS can perform a thorough inspection to determine the location and severity of the infestation. We’ll consult with you to create a targeted bed bug extermination plan tailored to your facility’s specific needs. Then, we’ll utilize an integrated pest management approach to bed bug extermination that effectively eliminates bed bugs while at the same time reducing the impact on your facility, your employees, and your business operations.

     If you decide to use our affiliated bed bug exterminators we guarantee to keep your location bed bug free for a full 90 days, or we will match your full investment and we will re-do the whole treatment at our own expense, absolutely FREE! Click here for more guarantee details

header-rotator-1     Our certified and highly trained bedbug dogs that can pinpoint bed bug infestation areas in minutes. For example, a bed bug canine can search an average hotel room in less than 2 minutes! Once they find the infestation, then remediation of the bed bugs can be done working on the areas that need to be done… producing fast results with less cost.

    Since 1977 Metro Pest Control Inc. has been providing exterminator services throughout the NYC areas. Our centralized focus is that of providing safe and efficient pest control services throughout Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, Queens and Nassau counties and the surrounding NYC boroughs. Our team is comprised of 75 seasoned exterminators who are well versed in the most effective methods and techniques for bringing about efficient and lasting pest control.

logo (1)     Standard Pest Management has been solving New Yorkers pest problems for 86 Years. 2015 marks Standard’s 86th Year of setting the highest standards, established in 1929 we are the oldest pest control firm in New York City! Standard Pest Management is your New York Pest Control specialist. Our mission is to provide effective professional pest control in New York city for all of our customers. We aim to improve the quality of life of our clients, community, environment and employees. We serve all types of customers from restaurant to retail and everything in between.

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