What to use to prevent bed bug bites?

A Brief Introduction:

 Bed Bugs Treatment

Bed Bugs Treatment

Bed bugs are kind of small insects which are known to feed on human blood. Bed bugs are quite active at night when people are sleeping. They are said to posses flat, rusty-red-colored oval bodies. Bed bugs can be seen easily. They usually hide themselves in cracks in furniture, floors, inside mattresses, under carpet, inside electronics or behind walls. With the bite of bed bugs our skin gets swell and become brighter red. Bed bugs survive for several months without food or water.

Steps to Stop Bed Bug Bites Immediately:

Following are the some amazing tips which will help out prevent the bed bug bites immediately.

1. Firstly put on the sticky tape bed sized bed bug trap. Apply the sticky tape at the headboard as well.

2. Next, heat up all of your bedding materials using your laundry dryer so that the top of the bed remains free from the bed bugs. This will prevent the bed bugs in mattress or anywhere else in bed from biting you.

3. Be sure that your blanket should not touch the floor at night.

4. Put on 3M Scotch tape to the ceiling around an area larger than the bed. This will prevent the bed bugs to fall from the ceiling on the bed’s surface.

5. Heat all your clothes in a laundry dryer before wearing them. Be sure to store your clothes in plastic bags or else you can hang your clothes in a closet, making sure that the closet bars are protected via sticky tape.

6. Spray the rubbing alcohol on the chairs and tables. Also apply the double sided sticky tape to both the chairs and tables. Be sure to cover the edge of the shoes using the sticky tape.

7. Cover the sofas using the CO2 trap.

8. The things which can’t be protected through heating, you can protect them using the CO2 traps. i.e. laptops.

9. Steamers are the best and effective way of killing the bed bugs.

10. You can use the DE powder. It kills the bed bugs slowly.

11. The bed sized traps for the bed bugs is the best ever, fastest and the powerful way of killing the bed buds.

These were some beneficial tips for preventing oneself from the bed bug bites.

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