Prevent Bed Bugs by Using Heat

When you have your things sacked up, you have some options how to manage them: Heat Treatment, long-term Storage or Disposal. Here we have given how to prevent bed bugs by using heat treatment.

Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is the thing that you will probably do with the greater part of your trappings. Heat treatment is greatly viable and appropriately done will kill 100% of bed bugs in all life stages including their eggs as well.
You can likewise heat treat with your garments dryer set on high. Home dryers on high heat reach bed bugs killing temperatures. This is an incredible choice for garments, cushions, towels and whatever other things that you can put in a dryer. Turn on the dryer on high heat for 45 minutes to get rid of all bed bugs in a while.

Debagging All Items For Heat Treatment

The wrong technique for debagging is to place your sacked things on the floor and after that lift out the things for placing in Zap bug or the dryer. These bed bugs can tumble off and spread when you are lifting items out of the bag


ZappBug’s heat treatment cycle kills 100% of all bed bugs in all life stages.

If you are using ZappBug, place the entire bag in ZappBug, before removing any items from it. This way if any bed bugs fall off your items as you are lifting them out of the bag, they will fall into ZappBug and be killed when you start the heat treatment.

Place the whole bag in Zappbug, before expelling any things from it if you are utilizing Zappbug. Along these, if any bed bugs tumble off your things as you are lifting them out of the bag, they will fall into Zappbug and will be killed when you begin the high heat treatment.
Upend carefully the entire bag into the dryer when using dryer.

After Heat Treatment: Storing Your Belongings

Keep in mind that after heat treatment things you will need to store a large portion of them in a sealed bed bug proof bag. This is particularly valid for your garments, yet it is additionally a decent thought for different things. This is to keep bed bugs from re-pervading your belongings.

For this reason, we adore titan Ziplock packs. These are not the Ziplock bags utilized for nourishment stockpiling. These are much bigger and are intended for putting away individual things. They work greatly well on the grounds that you can without much of a stretch seal and unlock them to rapidly get to your belongings.

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