Do Bed Bugs Spread Disease?

Bed bugs are certainly pesky, but are they also dangerous to your health? Researchers have found more than 27 known agents that cause human disease in bed bugs, but the evidence that the bugs can actually spread the disease is inconclusive. If you’re like most people, though, you’d probably say that living with bed bugs is not worth the risk. Bed bug detection and elimination is important if you want to protect your home.

Bed Bugs and Disease
Scientists have found 27 diseases and disease agents within bed bugs. These include major diseases like HIV, hepatitis, and drug-resistant MRSA. [Read more…]

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How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs at Home

Get Rid of Bed Bugs at Home

Get Rid of Bed Bugs at Home

There are some things in everyone’s life that you simply want to forget they ever happened. Whether we are talking about some horrible people, events or things such as bed bugs you just want them out of your life.

Bed bugs are definitely not a favourite of anyone. They are tiny, creeping insects that live in the dark areas of your own home. These bugs are so tiny that they are very hard to spot with the naked eye. In order to easily find them you might have to use a magnifying glass.

Bed bugs feed by sucking blood out of their hosts, which in this case is you. However, they can also go for the blood of any pets, if you have some.

Although many medical experts and doctors agree that bed bugs are safe pests since they do not carry any kind of diseases in their systems, their bites can still be really troublesome and uncomfortable. The bed bug bites are often itchy and may swell, which makes them somewhat similar to the bites of mosquitoes. This is why, although they do not pose any real threat to your health, they can still be seen as skin hazards.


But how to get rid of bed bugs at home? The answer to this question is very simple, you need a lot of determination and patience. Getting rid of them for good might also cost you a substantial amount of money, especially if they have managed to form an infestation in your home.

The best, safest and most efficient way to get rid of any bed bugs in your home for good is to call a professional from a pest control company. Professional pest extermination companies can help you get rid not only of bed bugs but from any other kind of household pests that you might have and do not even know about it. In order to get rid of bed bugs, pest control professionals use modern methods and equipment. You will surely be amazed at how advanced the process of exterminating bed bugs actually is.

In order to get rid of bed bugs completely, a big part of the professionals use different kinds of chemicals, mainly in the form of pesticides and insecticides. Since the toxins in these chemicals are very dangerous and should not be handled by anyone, it is advisable to leave this kind of treatment to them. After all, this is their job and who else can do it better than them. I can assure you that they definitely have had plenty more experience with pest control than you, so you should let them do their work.

After they have done their job, the professional pest controllers will also give you some information on how to handle the furniture since it might contain some residues from the pesticides that were used. Listen to their instructions carefully and follow them, because otherwise you might threaten your own health.

Keep in mind that no matter how clever you think you are, there are still many things that you do not know about in this world. Chemicals and toxins might be one of them.


If you find out that you cannot use the services of a professional for some reason, then do not fall in despair. If you have the knowledge about the risks and health threats that the chemicals in pesticides have, then you might be able to handle them on your own However, do it with extra caution and care!

Remember that in order to get rid of bed bugs at home, the pesticides that you use have to be really strong because these pests have really strong immune systems, however you should also keep in mind that you are using some very poisonous substances so you have to be careful. Unfortunately for us, we are not as resilient as the bed bugs. If you have a baby or a little child in your home, never and I repeat never buy pesticides while they are there as they are even more susceptible to the toxins. You should also avoid using the pesticides at areas that do not require treatment as you will not only waste material, but will also put yourself at even greater risk. After you are done, clean up the sprayed areas in order to remove any kind of residues.

How to get rid of bed bugs at home is a questions which has more than one answer, but whatever approach you decide to take keep in mind that your and your family’s health should always come first.

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Understanding and Controlling the Ways of the Bed Bugs

Adult bed bugs

Adult bed bugs are light brown to reddish-brown

The Bedbugs are usually the small wingless insects, brownish in color and these bed bugs are found in whole world not only in some countries. These (bed bugs) are thenocturnal parasite and it meansthatthese bed bugs dorest or remain disappearingatthe day time and become active at night timefor biting/feeding.

The interesting fact about theses bed bugs are that theseBed bugs can even livewithout any feeds and without anything approximatelyfor the one month. And once you findthese bed bugs in your house/homethen you have to clean your whole house/homevery carefully by filling the free spaces in your homesthat these bed bugs can’t hide.And if these bed bugs come intoourhouse/homes then these bed bugs can doreproduction and spread very quicklyand easily.

The Bed Bugs Characteristics are

• In size these bed bugs are of approximately of ½ cm(half cm) long and dark brownish in color.
• The Bed bugs have six legs.
• The Bed Bugs have large antennae.
• The bed bugs are almost brownishin color.

It is almost very difficult for anyone totake controlon these bed bugs because many insecticides can even are not effective and not showing any resultfor the removal of these bed bugs. But to takecontrol on these bed bugs.The three methodsare

• By using heat and steam.
• By using new insecticides.
• By using non-chemical methods.

By using the Heat and the steam

By using the heat/steam, we can increase the temperature of the room and due to this temperature we raise; these bed bugs can be killed easily. Just because of this heat thesebed bugs eggs can be destroy and killedjust in one hour and 30 minutes.And here the temperature of the room becomes48 centigrade temperature.Due to this heat/temperature,these bed bugs have beeneliminated.During thisprocedureof increasingthe temperature of the room, itcan also harmandmelt any other objects and materialavailable in this room. Therefore, before starting this procedure remove all of your room’s objects from there.

By using the new insecticides

We can also control on these bed bugs by using the new insecticides such as
• By usingthe new insecticides like DDT we can very easily and quickly remove/kill these bed bugsfrom our house/home and also can control these bed bugs.
• The different insecticideisused to kill these bed bugs, which arehiding inside the boxes, thecracks, the voids and the crevices etc.
• Insecticides (like residual, dust etc) are also use to kill these bed bugsthat arepresent inside the furniture and many other objects etc.

By using the non-chemical methods

• One of the simple and easiest procedure/methods is to increase the temperature of the room and after that simply get the room clean from these bed bugs because this high temperature eliminate all of the bed bugs from the room.
• Decreasing the temperature is like that the temperature below 0 Fahrenheit or -19 º centigrade temperaturescan alsoremove/killthe infestationsof the bed bugs but remember that this low temperature should remain at least for four days and not less than four days.
• These bed bugs may also be killed by using the box spring, the clothes and the mattress encasements etc and also the infestations can be also determined by mean of this use

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Four unconventional ways to get rid of bedbugs

What are Bed Bugs?

Bed Bugs Attack

Bed Bugs Attack

Bedbugs are the small, oval, wingless and brownish parasitic insects which feed on the blood of animals or humans. the bed bugs are said to move quickly over floors, walls, and ceilings.

There are many unconventional treatments available which could help you get rid of bed bugs. Some of the effective ones are mentioned and described below:

Vacuum away the bed bugs:

Vacuum cleaner is a good way to prevent and kill bed bugs. It is suggested to vacuum all carpets, rugs, beds, and other upholstered furnishings so that the bed bugs hidden in any place should be killed off. However the treatment is not that much effective to kill all the bed bugs hidden. But it kills the bed bugs to some extent. This is because vacuum cleaner is unable to reach all the places where the bed bugs hide.

Spread Diatomaceous Earth:

Apply the above mentioned powder in the areas where you think that bed bugs may hide. This product is made up of ground, fossilized shells. The product therefore is also known as “fossil shell flour” or “bed bug dust.”
Once the bed bug passes on from the powder, they become dehydrated. Infected bugs then die within a short span of few hours.

Barrier of kidney bean leaves:

Spread some kidney bean plant leaves around your bed, couch and other areas where you think that bed bugs might hide. This old folklore remedy has come from eastern Europe. Kidney bean leaves contain the microscopic hairs that help trapping the bed bugs. Bed Bugs who try to escape or flee from there, loose their life.
Nowadays the scientists and researchers are working on the idea to create such a synthetic material which will mimic the fine hairs of the kidney bean plant and make it comfortable for the humans.

Take a dewormer:

Research reveals that a minimal dose of a prescription deworming agent popularly known as ivermectin helps killing 60 percent of bed bugs. It is an effective method to kill the bed bugs. Ivermectin is a safe drug, which is commonly used in deworming medications for both humans and animals. The bed bugs after biting you will die within few hours after the dewormer gets transmitted from your blood to them.

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Where do bed bugs hide during the day?

The bed bugs have been a parasite of people all through recorded history. Its adjustment to people is complete to the point that its bite is not recognized until the bug abandons its exploited person.Attracted by the warmth of our bodies and the carbon dioxide we breathe out, bedbugs rise normally around evening time from concealing spots, looking for human blood. While pathogens have been found in bed bugs, these bugs evidently do not transmit diseases to other people.

Mostly, individuals carry bed bugs into their homes unknowingly, in furniture, luggage, and clothing and in bedding. Bed bugs might likewise go in apartments through little cracks and splits in floors and walls.

Find out where bed bugs are hidden

Utilize a splendid spotlight to search for bed bugs or their dull droppings in room furniture. Alternately utilize a hot hair dryer, a slight blade, or an old playing card to drive them out of concealing spaces. You must check behind your headboard, in the tufts of your bedding and inside the box spring and around the nightstands.
Other room things, including window and entryway housings, pictures, moldings, furniture, loose wallpaper, must be checked.

Clean places where bed bugs are found

Clean bed sheets, curtains, mats, covers, linens and garments. To stop bed bugs from spreading, wash things in boiling hot water and dry them on the most astounding dryer setting. Absorb fragile garments warm water with bunches of clothing soap more than regular hours.
You can put wool items, shoes, and many other items into a hot dryer for 30 minutes to prevent the bed bugs
From spreading.

Scrub sleeping cushion with a firm brush to oust bed bugs and their eggs. Vacuum mattresses, furniture, floors bed frames and rugs. Give consideration to crakes and spaces. Instantly in the wake of vacuuming, put the vacuum cleaner sack in a fixed plastic pack, and clean it outside the home.

In case, your box spring is plagued, seal it inside a vinyl box spring cover for no less than one year. On the off chance that no cover is accessible, remove and throw the box spring.

Repair all the cracks and spaces found in floor or wall and remove all loose wallpapers set on the walls.Get rid of all things that can’t be cleaned. Seal them in garbage bag and throw them outside the home

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Prevent Bed Bugs by Using Heat

When you have your things sacked up, you have some options how to manage them: Heat Treatment, long-term Storage or Disposal. Here we have given how to prevent bed bugs by using heat treatment.

Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is the thing that you will probably do with the greater part of your trappings. Heat treatment is greatly viable and appropriately done will kill 100% of bed bugs in all life stages including their eggs as well.
You can likewise heat treat with your garments dryer set on high. Home dryers on high heat reach bed bugs killing temperatures. This is an incredible choice for garments, cushions, towels and whatever other things that you can put in a dryer. Turn on the dryer on high heat for 45 minutes to get rid of all bed bugs in a while.

Debagging All Items For Heat Treatment

The wrong technique for debagging is to place your sacked things on the floor and after that lift out the things for placing in Zap bug or the dryer. These bed bugs can tumble off and spread when you are lifting items out of the bag


ZappBug’s heat treatment cycle kills 100% of all bed bugs in all life stages.

If you are using ZappBug, place the entire bag in ZappBug, before removing any items from it. This way if any bed bugs fall off your items as you are lifting them out of the bag, they will fall into ZappBug and be killed when you start the heat treatment.

Place the whole bag in Zappbug, before expelling any things from it if you are utilizing Zappbug. Along these, if any bed bugs tumble off your things as you are lifting them out of the bag, they will fall into Zappbug and will be killed when you begin the high heat treatment.
Upend carefully the entire bag into the dryer when using dryer.

After Heat Treatment: Storing Your Belongings

Keep in mind that after heat treatment things you will need to store a large portion of them in a sealed bed bug proof bag. This is particularly valid for your garments, yet it is additionally a decent thought for different things. This is to keep bed bugs from re-pervading your belongings.

For this reason, we adore titan Ziplock packs. These are not the Ziplock bags utilized for nourishment stockpiling. These are much bigger and are intended for putting away individual things. They work greatly well on the grounds that you can without much of a stretch seal and unlock them to rapidly get to your belongings.

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What to use to prevent bed bug bites?

A Brief Introduction:

 Bed Bugs Treatment

Bed Bugs Treatment

Bed bugs are kind of small insects which are known to feed on human blood. Bed bugs are quite active at night when people are sleeping. They are said to posses flat, rusty-red-colored oval bodies. Bed bugs can be seen easily. They usually hide themselves in cracks in furniture, floors, inside mattresses, under carpet, inside electronics or behind walls. With the bite of bed bugs our skin gets swell and become brighter red. Bed bugs survive for several months without food or water.

Steps to Stop Bed Bug Bites Immediately:

Following are the some amazing tips which will help out prevent the bed bug bites immediately.

1. Firstly put on the sticky tape bed sized bed bug trap. Apply the sticky tape at the headboard as well.

2. Next, heat up all of your bedding materials using your laundry dryer so that the top of the bed remains free from the bed bugs. This will prevent the bed bugs in mattress or anywhere else in bed from biting you.

3. Be sure that your blanket should not touch the floor at night.

4. Put on 3M Scotch tape to the ceiling around an area larger than the bed. This will prevent the bed bugs to fall from the ceiling on the bed’s surface.

5. Heat all your clothes in a laundry dryer before wearing them. Be sure to store your clothes in plastic bags or else you can hang your clothes in a closet, making sure that the closet bars are protected via sticky tape.

6. Spray the rubbing alcohol on the chairs and tables. Also apply the double sided sticky tape to both the chairs and tables. Be sure to cover the edge of the shoes using the sticky tape.

7. Cover the sofas using the CO2 trap.

8. The things which can’t be protected through heating, you can protect them using the CO2 traps. i.e. laptops.

9. Steamers are the best and effective way of killing the bed bugs.

10. You can use the DE powder. It kills the bed bugs slowly.

11. The bed sized traps for the bed bugs is the best ever, fastest and the powerful way of killing the bed buds.

These were some beneficial tips for preventing oneself from the bed bug bites.

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How to Relieve Bedbug Bites

A Brief Introduction:

Bed bug bite appears to be an intense reaction. When bed bugs bite, you get red welts appear on your skin. This makes your skin quickly become irritated and itchy. Bed bug bites usually appear on your limbs, torso, and neck. The bites by the bed bugs are quite generic and can easily be determined. They are found in patters of three to four welts, usually in a line. The bites have a blood dot in the middle.

Steps To How to Relieve Bedbug Bites:

  1. The first basic step is to detect the bed bug bites. Bed bugs inject the salivary fluid which makes the skin become irritated and itchy. The reaction appears between time range of 5 minutes and few hours. One the bed bug bites you, you get on the splattery welts in a line and bright pinkish color. Areas of the body where the bed bugs bite most include:

Back, Shoulders, Lower back, Legs and thighs, Ankles, feet, and in between toes, Hands and in between fingers, Arms and elbows, Face and Stomach area, etc.

  1. The next step is take the shower on immediate basis. The water should be warm enough as it helps prevent the toxins and oils from the skin via the opening of pores process. Also it helps to relieve your skin irritation and itching.
  2. Use a good anti bacterial soap for showering.
  3. In order to achieve relief from the pain , you can use any kind of anesthetic cream or lotion. Calamine lotion is a good option.
  4. In order to prevent the swelling and itching on the defected area, rub the ice cubes over that particular area.
  5. Take Benadryl, Atarax, and even anti-inflammatory medicines like ibuprofen and aspirin medicines to get relief from the pain.
  6. Make use of aloe vera gel. This helps to prevent the burning effects and itching caused by the bites. Also you will be able to achieve the refreshing and cooling effect.
  7. Apply alcohol on the defected area using the cotton puffs in order to dry out the bites and achieve relief from the pain.
  8. You can use the paste made up of mixing baking soda in water. This will help calming the irritation and itching on the skin.

Hope the above mentioned tips to get relieve from the bed bites help you a lot.

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How to prevent Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are on the rise across Europe, Australia and North America arriving at “pandemic proportions”. Given that very nearly any environment under 120ºf (49ºc) can give an environment to bed bugs to thrive and your home can be next.
These bed bugs are famous hitchhikers. The bed bugs go into homes, lodgings, and all open spaces by covering up in luggage, trucks, bags, carts, and packages and even on garments. Any individual who enters your home could be bringing bed bugs with them (whether they know it or not): visitors, pets, and some other people who come to your home for services.
Preventing bed bugs from entering home some are steps recommend which approach to prevent bed bugs from entering your home and approach to prevent an infestation on the off chance that some bed bugs do get in.
Here are some tips:

1. Identify areas where bed bugs: Residences and inns are prime areas for bed bugs since such a large number of voyagers go done and finished. What’s more recollect that blood suckers are “bunk” bugs for a reason – they gather where individuals rest more than anyplace else, and are continuous occupants of the cot edge, sleeping pad, and box spring. Likewise, watch out for your hardware. The warmth that laptops and other compact hardware produce makes them truly a focus for these bugs’ parasites.

2. Check the room before unpacking: In case you are going to an inn or dorm, you can keep these unwelcome voyagers by checking around before unpacking. Force back the sheets and check for little blood spots and bugs. You additionally need to look in the creases of the sleeping material, and the case springs; don’t confine your pursuit to the surface of the bunk. Wood and any upholstered furniture ought to likewise be nearly analyzed, with uncommon regard for cleft and creases.

3. Don’t put your luggage on the bed: On the off chance that you haven’t had an opportunity to check completely yet, this will keep you from convey them home if the room happens to be invaded. Continuously utilize the bag holder if gave, or leave your luggage in the bathtub, or even the foyer, until you’ve had a chance to take a look.

4. Inspect your luggage and other personal items: Luggage ought to be vacuumed off, and different things hand washed with hot, sudsy water, on account of an infestation.

5. Check used furniture and clothing: If you make any resale buys, apparel ought to be washed quickly. Furniture ought to dependably be reviewed painstakingly before you bring it home. As an issue, keep away from utilized sleeping cushion.

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A minor bed bug infestation

Bed Bugs

A minor bed bug infestation can rapidly transform into a nightmarish situation. Disheartening bed bugs from staying or coming in your home is insufficient to free yourself of these frightful nuisances; the best way to free yourself from the infestation is to execute off all the grown-ups and eggs inside your home. There are a couple of sorts of medications you can attempt at home, yet you may need to call proficient exterminators if the issue gets terrible. If you think that you may have a bed bug issue in your house, this is what you have to think about preventing the bed bugs.

Using heat

Keep infested clothes and sheets in the dryer. Infested fabrics that have the capacity be washed ought to be set in a garments dryer set to high hotness for 10 to 20 minutes.

“Dry-clean only” clothes can typically experience a dryer cycle securely the length of they are totally dry toward the begin and the dryer is just set to medium hotness, which is short of what 160 degrees Fahrenheit (71 degrees Celsius).

Heat is a successful approach to kill these blood suckers, yet clothes must be washed at temperatures of 120 degrees Fahrenheit (49 degrees Celsius) in place for the hotness treatment to be viable.

Using Insecticides

Numerous business pesticides can be utilized to preventbed bugs, however you must verify that the pesticide you pick is particularly marked for bed bug utilization. Numerous general pesticides or those utilized for different creepy crawlies, in the same way as ants or wasps, are not viable to prevent bed bugs

Select a pesticide intended for utilization in a particular area for the strongest results. By and large, there are pesticides used to treat the outside, beddings, the entire home, an entire room, and surfaces.

Unconventional Treatments

Utilize your vacuum cleaner to evacuate and noticeable bed bugs. Amid an infestation, you ought to likewise frequently vacuum all rugs, carpets, cots, and other upholstered furniture.

While vacuuming may appear as a clear cure, it is genuinely unconventional as in it doesn’t generally demonstrate viable against most of the bed bugs in a contained territory. Because of its low level of viability, it is by and large not proposed as an issue treatment. Vacuuming can, be that as it may, build the viability of different treatment.

The reason that this treatment cannot kill all bed bugs is just that a vacuum cleaner is not able to achieve all the places that bed bugs can hide out in.

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