What are the signs and symptoms of a bed bug infestation

Bed bugs are a type of parasitic insects which tend to feed on human blood as well as any other domestic pets that you might have. Many people do not even realize they have them at their own home and while their population grows unnoticed they can become an infestation.

The signs of a bed bug infestation are:

Bed bug in a mattress

Look inside seams and rips in

1. A constant unpleasant odour that can be described as a sickly sweet mouldy shoes scent. However, this is not the best sign for identifying a bed bug infestation.
2. The best sign of having an infestation are physical evidence of the pests. This insect is very distinctive and can be seen with a naked eye. It is a small wingless bug that has approximately the same size as an apple seed. Their colour is reddish-brown and they have a flat oval structure of the body. Once the insect has started digesting its meal, which is your blood, its body flattens and becomes darker in colour.

Each bed bug goes through 5 immature stages. This means that the insect has to cast off its skin 5 times before it finally becomes an adult that is capable of reproducing.
When you are suffering from an infestation there will be hundreds of cast off skins around the places that the insects aggregate together. Their peeled skin will have the same shape of the actual bed bug. The sizes won’t differ since the bug does not grow throughout its whole life cycle.
You can easily find cast off skins at places where the pests aggregate together, and you should thoroughly look there. Such places tend to be the mattress seam, behind any headboards, inside ceiling wall junctions, along baseboards, in personal belongings or other similar dark places.

The signs of having a bed bug harbourage include dark faecal spots, which can be usually seen alongside the mattress seam and on its tag, on the wood frame of the box spring, along the top of the baseboard or the sideboard, the edges of the carpets, behind wall hangings, at electrical outlets and in other such places.
Inside the harbourage you will find adult and juvenile bed bugs, cast off skins, eggs and egg shells, and of course excrements. The German cockroach’s excrements are quite similar to the bed bug’s so be careful when you are inspecting your house.
The only way that you will be able to tell the difference is by looking for more evidence such as nymphs and eggs in the same area. Another way, if you are not squeamish, is by touching the faecal spots. The excrements of the bed bug have a smoother feel while the ones of the German cockroach are more granular since they contain solid wastes.
Look for any kind of aggregations along the mattress seam, inside of the tuffs and under the mattress tags, behind the headboard, wood creases in the box spring or the bed frame, where the box spring fabric has been stapled to the wood frame, behind any loosened up wallpapers, behind baseboards, inside the heaters of the baseboards, in your personal belongings such as books, stuffed animals, and other numerous locations around the house. Another pretty convincing signs is having blood spots on the sheets and pillows of your bed.
You might find it hard to prevent a bed bug infestation because these pests are quite easy to transport without even noticing.

Signs of bed bugs

You can easily find cast off skins

You can look for some symptoms to indicate whether you have been bitten by a bed bug, however keep in mind that this does not definitely mean there is an infestation going on. Different people react differently to the bites and sometimes there might be a delayed reaction.
For example, you might have been bitten while you have been in a hotel on vacation but the symptoms have appeared when you have already gone home. This does not mean that there is an infestation inside your house.
On the other hand, you might have a bed bug infestation in your own home, but you might actually discover it after it has been established. One reason for this is that your body might not react at all to the bites.
You should be careful about the bites because they share some similarities with other insects such as mosquitoes and can be easily mistaken. There are two key differences that you can use to distinguish them.

What are the telltale signs bites of a mosquito

mosquito bites

As the mosquito sting looks

1. Mosquito bites cause skin discoloration and a raised wheal at the onset of the bite; you can get a rash from the bite as well as experience itches.
2. Bed Bug bites appear in clusters of three, and usually take a few hours or even days to appear completely; most of the bites will appear on the upper torso.
The bites of a mosquito are usually surrounded by redness with a white raised centre. The diameter of the bite will also be quite larger when compared to a bed bug bite. The bites of the beg bud do not always itch due to some people’s immune system.
If you constantly wake up with bite marks that have not been there the previous night, this might be a sign of an infestation. Even though bites do not guarantee that you definitely have an infestation, they can be the first clues about an upcoming one.


  1. Bed bugs are a truly confounding pest. Though they are barely visible to the naked eye, their bites pack an itchy, annoying punch. They feed off a range of creatures, but unlike similar pests, they don’t spread disease. Even their recent resurgence is a mystery, with scientists disagreeing on how the pest went from relative obscurity to its near-epidemic status today.

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