Symptoms of Bed Bug Bites and How to Treat Them

What do bed bug bites look like?  How to treat bed bug bites?

People may react to bed bug bites differently and the bites may appear differently on different people. Generally speaking, bed bug bites appear as raised reddened bumps on the skin that are usually itchy.

bed bug bites symptoms

bed bug bites symptoms

Physical Reactions The bites are not felt at the time of feeding. Bed bugs have
perfected the anesthetic necessary to feed for approximately ten minutes without being detected. The reactions from the bite vary from person to person. Some individuals never have a reaction.
Others will develop itching and small welts at the site of the bite.
Still others will notice bites along a straight line. This is because the bed bugs search for the small blood vessels under the skin and follow them as they feed.
Red, visibly blotchy, and itchy as can be, bed bug bites are extremely annoying. For most of us, it is important to familiarize ourselves with the bed bug bite treatment process. To keep the skin irritation you experience to a minimum and prevent scarring, take the following steps when treating bed bug bites.

bed bug bites images

bed bug bites images

Apply Steroid Cream
Once you have determined that bed bugs are to cause for the bites you have discovered, survey the inventory of your medicine cabinet. If you do not have a cream with hydrocortisone or a similar anti-inflammatory steroid in it, head to the drug store and purchase one Wash affected areas before applying cream. This will help reduce the swelling and redness of your bites. For the best results, start immediately and apply as directed until the cream has served its purpose. Take Benadryl or a similar oral antihistamine to speed up the healing process further.
Use Calamine Lotion
Resisting the urge to scratch is important for the bed bug bite healing process. It is also vital in preventing scarring. Treat affected areas with calamine lotion or an anti-itch cream to help keep itching to a minimum. You can also use ice or cold packs to further reduce inflammation and itching.
When to See a Doctor
Very few individuals who sustain bed bug bites must seek medical attention. If you have an allergic reaction to the bites or develop an infection from scratching them, however, you should see a doctor. He or she can treat your allergic reaction or prescribe an antibiotic for your infection. Bed bugs are not dangerous in small numbers, but en masse they can suck enough blood to cause temporary anemia. If your home was infested and you feel weak or dizzy, you should definitely seek medical attention.


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  2. Anonymous says:

    For a a few weeks now my son has been waking in the night with bites all over him. Sometimes just a few and then other nights lots. This only seems to be at night. I have washed all linens in hot water and then within a few days he is being bit again and as well as myself. And noticeing more bites on me. Last night I was giving my granddaughter kiss night and I noticed she had several bites. I turned off lamp and turned on regular light and had her go to my room an I just sat down and was looking very close on a pillow wear her face lyed and was bitten and I seen this same bug. I was gonna get a plastic bag to put in and when I went to pich it it burst and out came blood I suppose that had sucked on my grand daughter. How to get rid of this ASAP? I’m a single mom and dont have lots of money plz give advice for the 2 bed rooms we need to get rid of the bugs. I only found the one but I assume there is more. Please please please help.My e-mail address is Should we get exterminator? Will they get rid of them faster than me buying the stuff to kill them? Please contact ASAP

    Thank you

  3. I just found a bite on my neck and when i came home it got bigger when i was cleaning my room i noticed this round brown little bug. i looked it up and this is what i found. Could you please tell me where i could find something to get rid of them for good and cheap? Could Walmart have anything?

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