Bed Bug: Tips for Travelers.

What can I do to prevent picking up bed bugs?

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Bed bugs are small and parasitic insects which have been categorized as common household pests. They tend to hide in the numerous cracks and small holes around the house that they have infested. The most common places that they can be found after an infestation are the mattress, upholstery, carpets, etc. These nasty pests are known for their tendency to bite humans after which the skin has a wheel-like appearance on the place where it has been bitten. These can lead to the skin feeling itchy, becoming red, and in some cases allergies or even rashes. The effect of a single bit by a bed bug can last up to a few days.

Probably one of the most common ways that these bugs may enter your household is by ‘hitchhiking’. This means that while you are traveling somewhere you visit a place that has been infested with these nasty pets, there is a big chance that they will latch onto your clothes and luggage and travel with you bac to your own place. Does this mean that you should stop travelling at all? Of course not! You just have to follow some basic bed bug tips for travelers.


Here we will check out some of these tips that will help you avoid getting any unwanted bed bug visitors:

    • Before you check into any kind of hotel, look up some of the reviews that previous customers have left on reliable websites over the web. It is for your own good that you stay away from hotels which have reports about bed bugs.
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How to prevent bed bugs in hotels


  • Once you have checked into a hotel, keep all of your luggage in the shower after you have made sure that it is completely dry and check out all the possible places for infestation thoroughly. These places include the headboard of the bed, the mattress and its seams, any picture frames, upholstered furniture, carpets and so on. If you manage to find any signs of bed bugs in these places, move out immediately. Otherwise, you should keep your luggage on high surfaces such as tables or luggage racks.
  • Once you come back home, the first thing you should do is put all of your clothes in the laundry. If you have been in an infested area, do not put your still unwashed clothes on a bed or any other kind of furniture for that matter, not even the carpet. Use as hot water as the fabric can withstand for the best results.
  • Any suitcases, briefcases or purses also have to be debugged. You can vacuum them thoroughly. Since the bed bugs are not capable of withstanding the cold, you can try lowering the temperature to beyond -5°C over the counter cialis. However, this activity has to be continued for a minimum of 5 days and most preferably for at least a couple of weeks. After all, you have to give the cold enough time to reach the core.


Even though you might have thoroughly checked the whole hotel room, there is still a chance that bed bugs might enter your clothes or luggage during your travels on public transport or from other people’s clothes. So you have to be aware of some good ways that you can get rid of the pests.


There are several different bed bug pesticides and insecticides that you can find on the market. The most common group of pesticide that is used against these pests is Pyrethroids. This is a chemical compound that has a similar composition to that of pyrethrins which can be obtained from the extracts of chrysanthemum flowers. This pesticide is a contact one which means that it works only when the insects touch it after which they suffer from paralysis and death. Insecticides such as Organophosphates are widely used throughout the United States. However, recently most of them have been banned from being used by the public due to the high level of toxins they have.

You can try using some sort of bug spray to try and eradicate the infestation. They are usually quite safe, odourless, and biodegradable; and tend to vaporize in no more than 30 minutes after having been used. Spraying is easy and everyone can do it. It can be a good way to kill of pesticides. However, the best way is prevention so the first thing you should always do is follow the bed bug tips for travelers.



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    As soon as you enter your room place suitcases into the bath tub , well you inspect your hotel room for bed bugs.

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