Treat Bed Bug Bites Properly


bed bug bites

bed bug bites

You must understand when treating inflammation of the skin after the bite that active substance is under the skin, and scratching is a natural physiological reaction of the body designed to increase blood flow to the damaged skin. On this basis you can reduce inflammation from the bite in two ways – increasing blood flow and withdrawal syndrome itching.

Therefore, to remove the itch, or at least to minimize the consequences of bed bug bites, we can recommend the following.
The first and one of the most effective interventions is washed the bite with soap and running water immediately after detection thereof. This will weaken the tumor and significantly reduce irritation and itching. You can also apply ice to the site of the bite, which beneficially affect the disappearance of the tumor.
However, it is a mistake to believe that it is enough to apply ice and everything goes. The active substances of saliva of a bug will be only muted and after the skin regains its temperature – itching reappears. The same applies to the numerous lotion based cooling folk remedies. Thus only the partially external symptoms are removed not affecting active substances of saliva are under your skin.

The most effective way is a combination of drug means that are increasing blood flow to the site of the bite and pain relief. To enhance blood flow, you can use ethyl alcohol in a concentration of not more than 40%. This will disinfect the bite and ensure a reliable flow of blood to the site of the bite. Simultaneously you can drink any antihistamine that reduces the symptoms of itching.
If you are interested in accelerating the healing process of biting, you should refer to the impact of external funds: apply to the bite ointment that contains hydrocortisone. It’s also useful if you use oral antihistamines, such as diphenhydramine (Benadryl).
If the bite noticeably has flushed and causes severe itching, buy ointment or lotion against bed bug bites in a pharmacy. It is best to choose those that contain cortisone.

Alcohol tincture of propolis: propolis neutralizes aggression of the alcohol so that there is enough

Folk remedies for bed bug bites

Folk remedies have decoction of hypericum and aloe juice that are well removing the bites itch and inflammation
Attach cotton wool or cotton swab soaked in the juice of garlic to the bitten place. This will not only soothe irritation and relieve pain but also prevent tumor.
Treat the bite with the juice of mint leaves. Relaxes and relieves pain.

Home remedies for bed bug bites

Baking soda dissolved in water – when there is nothing else at hand, helps against inflammation.
To ease the itch the affected area can be treated with medical alcohol. Honey and aloe juice, taken in equal parts, have antifungal properties.
Parsley leaves are also able to remove the swelling and pain from touching the site of the bite.
Cut the onion into several parts and apply on for the whole night to bite site with the side of the slice.

Treat the bite site with parsley juice or fresh potatoes.
The concentrated solution of soda, if wipe proper place of bug bite also removes the unpleasant irritation.

If your children are affected by the bites of bed bugs and they try to comb bites, you should wash the affected parts of the body with soap and water. You can anoint blisters with mint toothpaste or a solution of ammonia, stirred halfway with water

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