Ways Bed Bugs Can Make Your Life a Nightmare

bug bites

bug bites

For such tiny creatures, bed bugs have a great capacity to inflict pain and frustration on a homeowner. It’s not just the itchy bites that cause distress, but also the supreme effort it takes to eliminate the tiny pests once and for all. Fortunately, a bed bug elimination service can help you clear your home of bed bugs without further hassle—or bites. Here are just a few of the ways a bed bug infestation can make your life miserable:

Itchy and Annoying Bites
•    Bed bugs wouldn’t be such a problem, if it wasn’t for one key issue: they bite. Bed bug bites can leave you tossing and turning all night as you scratch different areas of your body. While many people can’t feel bed bugs as they bite, the symptoms can show up more than two weeks later. Bites from bed bugs look much like those from a mosquito—a swollen and itchy red spot on your skin. For people with bed bug allergies, the symptoms can be a bit more severe.
Stubborn Infestations
•    There was a time when bed bugs were rare and largely thought to be under control. Their full-scale resurgence in recent years is a testament to their persistence. Today’s bed bugs are thought to be more resistant to pesticides than those of the past. That makes the task of exterminating the parasitic insects highly difficult and best left to the professionals.
Home Disruption
•    Many homeowners will stop at nothing to eliminate bed bugs, tossing out mattresses, unleashing onslaughts of pesticides, and trying out other disruptive methods. Luckily, you don’t need to rely on extreme measures to get rid of an infestation. Working with a professional exterminator, you can develop a smart, comprehensive strategy to control and eliminate bed bugs and reclaim your home.

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